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At SpineCare Chiropractic we provide total, natural health care solutions.

At SpineCare Chiropractic, we will ensure that you receive the care, compassion and information you need to enable your spine and body to achieve Optimum Health.

Because you and you Family deserve it!

You will be impressed by Dr Stan’s experience, compassion and gentle approach.

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Dr. Stan

Dr. Stan Marcus is a highly experienced health professional who will work closely with you, providing a seasoned opinion and the expertise to deliver you quality natural health care.


Dr. Stan Marcus

Doctor of Chiropractic

For over 30 years Dr. Stan has been helping people on four continents with their natural health and wellness needs.  Click tab at right for full biography.

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    For more than 30 years, Dr Stan Marcus has been providing Chiropractic care to individuals of all ages from infancy to 105 years of age.

    His Clinical skills have allowed him to help people in Ontario, Zanzibar, Africa, Munich Germany, New Zealand and here in the Victoria area.

    Dr Stan’s main goal is to help his clients and their families to achieve a more optimum state of health by providing each individual with the “tools” necessary to allow the brain to “communicate” with all body parts.

    Dr Stan has always emphasized the philosophy that the human body is a self-healing, self- regulating organism and that the brain is the Master Computer controlling ALL bodily functions. But it can only do this by sending electrical signals, via the Nervous System to all body parts. Any interference of these nerve signals, particularly in the spine, will slow down bodily functions, leading to a decrease of overall health.

    Chiropractic changes this condition by improving the functioning of ALL spinal parts, thus allowing normal nerve signals.


    Chiropractic treatment along with a balanced Lifestyle will keep you Healthy and Drug-Free!

    When he is not working with individuals in his SpineCare Chiropractic office, Dr Stan is usually outdoors, hiking, biking working in his yard. He is always moving around and having FUN!

    His vast experience in the Health profession, as both Doctor and patient, allows him to work with most individuals and with a variety of health issues. So if you have any concerns regarding your health, do not hesitate to call him. You will find his compassion, social skills and abilities as a doctor to be very inviting.

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